Introduction Last updated: 2020-05-12

LoLRankBot enables Twitch chatters to use commands to see statistics about your League of Legends summoner(s).

You can use LoLRankBot as its own bot in your channel (most common), or use the bot API to get its commands into your bot of choice.

What It Looks Like

LoLRankBot comes with 10 commands with the ability to alias and add as many aliases of those commands as you wish. Here you can see an example output of each command.

  • !rank BladeGO is Challenger 900 LP
  • !matchup: Master (Fiddlesticks) Challenger (Pyke, Evelynn, Morgana, Fiora, Miss Fortune, Talon, Varus, Tryndamere, Thresh)
  • !avgrank Average rank of current game is Challenger
  • !opgg
  • !winrate BladeGO is Challenger I 900 LP | 184W 85L 68% Winrate
  • !runes Current Runes: Arcane Comet > Manaflow Band > Transcendence > Scorch | Cosmic Insight > Biscuit Delivery | Adaptive > Adaptive > Armor
  • !lastgame Last Game: Loss. Played Tryndamere 3/8/4. 0.88 KDA. (37 % KP) 1x Double Kill

Getting Started

Getting started is easy with LoLRankBot. Simply connect your twitch account to the control panel and join it to your channel.

Via Control Panel

At the top of this page, there is a Connect With Twitch button. Press this, log into your twitch account, and authorize the app to access your account. These permissions are required to verify your twitch identity.

Via Twitch Chat

You can have the bot join your channel via Twitch chat. Go to LoLRankBot's Twitch Channel and type !join to join your own channel, or !join example to join example's Twitch chat. You must be a moderator of the channel you are requesting to join to stop unwanted joining.


You will only be able to join other streamers' channels via twitch chat, you cannot manage their channels through the control panel at this time.

For more information on managing the bot via Twitch Chat see Managing Via Twitch Chat


The Settings page allows you to change settings related to LoLRankBot and your channel. It also allows you to join LoLRankBot to you channel.


Here you can join LoLRankBot to your channel. If you press join LoLRankBot will join your channel automatically from now on. If LoLRankBot is ever banned (not timed out) it will leave your channel and it will be required you rejoin the bot to your channel. This option is unavailable if you have any bot selected other than LoLRankBot.

Bot Used

If you wish to use the API set your bot to the bot you use here. This will allow for correct command generation for your bot. Ignore this option if you will be using the LoLRankBot twitch bot.


You can set the bot to one of 14 langugages. Select your language from the list and the bot will return commands in your native language.

Use "what" commands

What commands allow you to use "what" instead of !. This means the bot will reply to questions like "what rank" or "what elo". This option is enabled by default and is not available for API users, if you wish to use it with the API, add the extra commands changing the command name.

Multi Summoner

Multi summoners being on will allow you to show all your summoners on all of your commands. This is on by default. Turning this off will use your most recent account being played for all commands. This being off is useful if you have a lot of accounts but only want to display the one being played. Please note this is only updated when the account is in game or has finished a game so there is a slight delay on the switch.


You can set your summoner name(s) in the control panel.

Add/Edit Summoner

You can add using the Add button, or edit using the Edit button on a summoner name.

You can choose your summoner name, your region, and your queue.

Supported regions: NA,EUW,EUNE,JP,KR,LAN,LAS,OCE,TR,RU,BR.
As the bot is supplied by information by Riot API, no other regions can be supported.

Supported Queues are Solo/Duo, Flex Queue, and TFT


Commands are the base of LoLRankBot. They are predefined as aliases. There are default commands that come generated when you first login. These can be used, disabled, or deleted if you choose. Please note that you cannot edit a default command, delete the command if you would like to change it. What each command does (as an alias) can be found in the Introduction.


Aliases are the base commands available to the bot. You can create your own command names, but they will tie to the alias displaying the information pertaining to the alias. The following aliases are available:

!rank: Displays the current rank of each summoner.

!winrate: Displays the current rank of each summoner with the wins/losses & winrate.

!avgrank: Displays the average rank of the match the summoner is currently in.

!matchup: Shows the ranks of every summoner in the current game.

!lastgame: Displays statistics about the last game the summoner played in.

!runes: Displays the current runes of the summoner, or the runes from the previous game.

!opgg: Posts link(s) to of the summoner(s) set.

!commands: Displays all commands available to LoLRankBot (Not available on API).

!setsummoner: Changes the summoner to the name specified.

!setlanguage: Changes the language to the language code specified.

!setregion: Changes the default region to the specified region for !setsummoner commands.

Adding/Editing Commands

You can Add or Edit commands by pressing their perspective buttons in the Commands tab.

Command Name: The command you wish to call to invoke your command (without the !)

Alias: The alias of the command of information you would like to display when the command is invoked.

Cooldown: The time in seconds that the command will go on cooldown to prevent spam. (Unavailable on API)

Enabled: Enable/Disable the command from being used.

Command Generation

You can generate commands for the bot of your choice using the LoLRankBot API. This stops the need for another bot in your channel. The API requires more work to setup with your bot so many people prefer to use our bot.

Bot API Setup

Make sure you have the bot selected that you are using in Settings. Make sure to setup your commands and delete any matching commands from your bot so you can copy and paste the commands into your bot.

Copy Commands

When ready, head over to the Command Generation. You will get a list of commands matching the ones you have selected in your Commands panel. Copy and paste these into your Twitch chat and they will make the commands work with your bot.

Some bots require an additional command to make a command moderator only, these commands will be listed after the command.
You also have the option to not include the set commands and only manage everything through the control panel.

Please make sure to not leak your API access key as it will allow others to change your settings.

Management Via Twitch Chat

Management was of the Bot was originally all done through Twitch Chat. As a streamer or moderator you can manage the bot through Twitch Chat commands. Keep in mind if the streamer chooses to change the command names, commands may slightly differ.


Make sure to join the bot to the channel as specified here.


All commands for management are done in the channel of the streamer you are managing and not in the LoLRankBot Twitch chat.

  1. Set the default region of the summoners.

    Example: !setregion NA

    All region codes can be found in the list here

  2. Set the summoner name(s) of the streamer

    Example: !setsummoner TF Blade

    You also can set multiple summoner names separated by a | For example: !setsummoner TF Blade|BladeGO

  3. Set the language of the streamer.

    Example: !setlanguage ES

    The default is English, this is only necessary for other languages. Available language codes:
    English - EN
    español - ES
    简体中文 - ZH
    français - FR
    magyar - HU
    ελληνικά - EL
    italiano - IT
    日本語 - JA
    한국어 - KO
    język polski - PL
    português - PT
    limba română - RO
    Türkçe - TR
    Tiếng Việt - VN

    Missing your language? With your help we can add it! Join our Discord below.

  4. Toggle features on or off. Using the toggle will turn it to the opposite of the current.

    Syntax: !toggle {toggle}

    Example: !toggle block

    block: (Off)(Default) Lists the summoners in rank command seperated by a |. (On) Lists summoners ranks in a block like format.
    mention: (Off)(Default) Sends message normally. (On) Starts every message with @user
    multi: (Off) Commands only use the most recent account played. (On)(Default) Commands use all summoners added separated by a |.

It's that simple! Any additional features can be configured through the LolRankBot Control Panel.


Although the Bot and API is documented to the best of our ability, you might still have questions or want features added.


Our new discord server can be used for support. We will do our best to help you with any support, and take any feature requests you may have for the Bot & API.

You can join our Discord here.


Our servers aren't free and there is a lot of development time that has gone into the bot. If you'd like to support me and help keep this project going for the community, any donations would be appreciated. All donations will go towards the cost of the bot and future improvements as this project isn't monetized.

You can subscribe to patreon here

LoLRankBot is free and always will be free for all features. This is for the few who go above and beyond to help me as I've helped you.